USSA Mission Statement

"To define, register, promote and improve the Suffolk breed to provide leadership for the advancement and future of the entire U.S. Sheep Industry"

USSA Vision Statement

"To be the most innovative, value adding, member-driven sheep breed organization for an evolving U.S. Sheep Industry""


These are your representatives. You have entrusted to them, individually and as a group, the responsibility of operating your Association effectively and efficiently. A task not taken lightly. They not only welcome, but seek your input and opinions. Every thought is a contribution. So please be active in your Association.

Members who would like to run for an open USSA District Director position should submit a written intent by August 1st. The intent to can be emailed, faxed or mailed to the USSA Office, phone calls are not accepted. Also, please review the eligibility requirement in the USSA Bylaws under Article V. Directors.

Greg Ahart, District 1 (exp 2024)
7 Carvel Place
Sacramento, CA 95835
Vice President
Brenda Reau, District 4 (exp 2024)
17315 Ida West Rd.
Petersburg, MI 49270
Carol Heupel, District 2
(exp. 2023)
27488 County Road 5
Weldona, CO 80653
Jeremy Geske, District 3 (exp. 2023)
31307 171st Ave
New Prague, MN 56071
612-756-1200 (c)
Bill Zwyers, District 4 (exp. 2023)
9050 N 675 W
Thorntown, IN 46071
Dennis Sorensen (exp. 2024)
1291 E 3200 N
Chebanse, IL 60992
Lloyd McCabe, District 1 (Exp. 2025)
7933 Jahn Rd.
Dixon, CA 95620 707-592-6725
Diane Russell, District 2 (Exp. 2023)
3500 E CR 700 N
Eaton, IN 47338 765-749-0287
John Scott, District 3 (Exp. 2025)
41438 185th Ave.
Kilkenny, MN 56052 612-963-4629
Tom Begg, District 4 (Exp. 2025)
11015 TWP Rd 25
Findlay, OH 45840 419-348-3190

USSA District Map


USSA Districts are based on the number of voting memberships. USSA districts were rebalanced in 2022.


Breed Improvement
Chair: Brenda Reau
Committee Members: Carol Heupel, Bill Zwyers, Greg Ahart, Randy Hodges, Joe Emenheiser, Michael Jensen, William Fulton, Lloyd McCabe

Chair: Carol Heupel
Committee Members: Jeremy Geske, Randy Hodges, Greg Ahart, Randy Dombek, Tom Burke, Matt Wolf

Chair: Dennis Sorenson
Committee Members: Jeremy Geske, Jim Van Dyke, Randy Hodges, Matt Wolf, Michael Jensen

Chair: Bill Zwyers
Committee Members: Greg Ahart, Joe Emenheiser, Nancy Burton, Lloyd McCabe

Hall of Fame
Chair: Randy Hodges
Committee Members: Tom Burke, Matt Wolf

Online Sales
Chair: Randy Dombek
Committee Members: Jim Van Dyke, Cynthia Huckins, Matt Wolf

Strategic Planning
Chair: Greg Ahart
Committee Members: Jeremy Geske, Randy Hodges, Carol Heupel, Randy Dombek, Bill Zwyers, Brenda Reau

Youth Activities
Chair: Jim Van Dyke
Committee Members: Tom Burke, Katherine Parsley, Wesley Linke, Nancy Burton, Carie Jackson

Chair: Matt Wolf
Committee Members: Jeremy Geske, Amanda Everts

New Registration Program
Chair: Amanda Everts
Committee Members: Carol Heupel, Bill Zwyers, Jeremy Geske

Office Staff

Amanda Everts - Executive Secretary
P.O. Box 121 Holland, Iowa 50642
Phone: 641-684-5291
Fax: 734-335-7646

USSA Strategic Plan

In 2016 the USSA Board of Directors met for a strategic planning session as a follow-up to the 2013 strategic plan. The discussion was impassioned, productive, and included feedback solicited from the membership prior to the retreat. The entire plan can be encapsulated by the general theme of "Increasing Registered Suffolk Market Share." The strategic outcomes can be arranged within 4 goal areas, as follows:
  1. Breed Improvement a) Expand production database, b) Create and disseminate educational materials for Suffolk stakeholders, c) Sponsor programs and competitions that reward functionality and genotypes, and d) Establish and enhance industry partnerships.

  2. Promotion a) Improve internal communications, and b) Enhance outreach.

  3. Financial Viability a) Explore providing registration services for other sheep breeds, b) Implement timely budgeting, c) Increase membership, d) Assess member needs, e) Recognize members' longevity, f) Identify new member prospects, and g) Create benefits for supporters and commercial buyers.

  4. Youth Development a) Review current programs, b) Add youth section to USSA Newsletter c) Increase Suffolk breed involvement at livestock judging contests, and d) Encourage participation in NSIP youth program.

USSA Board Meeting Minutes

By-Laws of the United Suffolk Sheep Association

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