North Central Regional Open & Junior Suffolk Show

Iowa State Fair

All sheep shown in either the open or junior show must be entered in the Open Classes of the Iowa State Fair so you will have pens assigned. Entry deadline is July 1. Check all of the Iowa State Fair regulations. There are no additional fees for juniors to show in the junior show. Juniors may show in either the open show, the junior show or both shows. The junior show format will be a completely separate show following the open show. Junior exhibitors must contact Teresa Harker with each exhibitors T-shirt size and the total number of sheep you plan to exhibit in the junior show. T-shirts will be provided and are required to show in the junior show. Sheep must be registered in the name matching the name they are entered in, it can be individual names; family names, including grandparents; or flock names. All junior exhibitors and show helpers must be 21 years old or younger on January 1, 2020. Tom Willwerth will be the judge for the junior show.

There will be fitted and slick sheared classes with champions selected from each division.

There will be special cash awards for the Champion and Reserve Champion in the Regional open show. Regular Iowa State Fair Premiums will be paid in the open show.

The junior show will have both cash prizes and other prizes

Link to Iowa State Fair Website:

Champion Fitted Ram - $300 Champion Fitted Ewe - $300
Res. Champion Fitted Ram - $150 Res. Champion Fitted Ewe - $150
Champion Slick Ram - TBD Champion Slick Ewe - TBD
Res Slick Ram -TBD Res Slick Ewe - TBD
Champion Fitted Ram - $75 Champion Fitted Ewe - $75
Res Champion Fitted Ram - $50 Res Champion Fitted Ewe - $50
Champion Slick Ram - $75 Champion Slick Ewe - $75
Res Champion Slick Ram - $50 Res Champion Slick Ewe - $50

Junior Show
Teresa Harker - Oxford, IA

Open Show
Kenny Capron - Parkersburg, IA

Wayne Skartvedt - Radcliffe, IA

Donations to help defer expenses in either the junior or open shows are appreciated.
All contributors will be recognized at the shows.


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