Submission Deadline
Received by March 1


  1. To provide financial assistance in purchasing a registered Suffolk ewe, for youth starting a Suffolk flock. 
  2. To encourage youth to breed registered Suffolk sheep and be involved in the affiliated Suffolk association organizations. 


  1. Applicant must be 8 years old as of January 1, 2024, but not more than 17 years old. 
  2. Applicant cannot be an owner of registered Suffolk sheep.
  3. Youth receiving a grant must agree to show the ewe in at least one show during year of receiving the ewe. 
  4. Applicant must be able to match the Foundation’s first $250 toward the purchase of a registered Suffolk ewe. 
  5. Youth receiving a grant must purchase the ewe directly from a Suffolk Association member or from a sale in which the Suffolk Association member has entered the registered ewe. Examples - United Suffolk Sheep Association online sales, Ohio Sale, Reno Sale, Midwest Stud Ram Sale and The Event: Suffolk Event.
  6. Recipient of grant shall become a Junior Suffolk Association member prior to receiving grant money. 


  1. The grant recipient is responsible for the initial $250 of the ewe’s purchase price. In addition to the grant recipients initial $250 commitment, the Foundation will additionally contribute up to $1000. The Foundation’s contribution will be paid directly to the seller .
  2. Up to five grants will be awarded each year.
    • Examples:

      Ewe purchased from a Suffolk Association Member for $700.

      • $700 Ewe purchase price
      • -$250 Paid by grant recipient
      • $450 Foundation contribution paid to seller

      Ewe purchased from a Suffolk Association online sale for $1500.

      • $1,500 Ewe Purchase Price
      • -$250 Paid by Grant recipient
      • $1,250
      • -$1000 Foundation Contribution paid to seller
      • $250 Remaining due responsibility of grant recipient

      Ewe purchased from a Suffolk Association Member for $450.

      • $450 Ewe purchase price
      • -$250 Paid by grant recipient
      • $200 Foundation contribution paid to seller

Application submission deadline is March 1. Completed applications are to be electronically submitted to [email protected]

Recent Ewe Lamb Giveaway Winners:

Riley Ostlie, Minnesota

Olivia Olson, Minnesota

Nolan Adams, Illinois

Brittany Palmore, Tennessee

Past Ewe Lamb Giveaway Winners
(Program Retired 2023):


Breeder: MacCauley Suffolks, PA
Regional: Katie Tharp, Indiana
Breeder: Henderson Suffolks, Indiana
Regional: Connor Lore, Ohio
Breeder: MacCauley Suffolks, Pennsylvania


OVERALL WINNER: Johanna Brouillette, Washington
Breeder: MacCauley Suffolks, PA
DISTRICT 1: Teigen Derner, Wyoming
Breeder: Doug & Lindi Peterson, Cousins Suffolks, SD /Lost River Livestock, Donna Mays, MT
DISTRICT 2: Kinley Tolle, Oklahoma
Breeder: Rob & Christy Zelinsky, Bar-Zel Suffolks, SD
DISTRICT 3: Summer Jones, Illinois
Breeder: TBA
DISTRICT 4: Victoria Kovacs, Ohio
Breeder: Josh Miller, Mil-Sid Farm, NY


OVERALL WINNER: Jaylene Brown, California
Breeder: Ahart Club Lambs, CA
DISTRICT 1: Addison Jennings, Idaho
Breeder: Gayle Lucas, Prairie Rose Suffolks, MT
DISTRICT 2: Emerri Gottlob, South Dakota
Breeder: Van Dyke Suffolks, SD
DISTRICT 3: Maddie Anderson, Minnesota
Breeder: Jeremy Geske, JMG Suffolks, MN
DISTRICT 4: Abbigale Cattrell, Ohio
Breeder: MacCauley Suffolks, PA


DISTRICT 1: Kendall Driscoll, Gilroy, California
Lamb from Alves Livestock, Oakdale, California
DISTRICT 2: Beau Newport, Chandler, Oklahoma
Lamb from Baumann Suffolks, Savannah, Missouri
DISTRICT 3: Nesse Tuttle, Marengo, Iowa
Lamb from Mint Gold Ranch, Dale & Judy Dobberpuhl, DePere, Wisconsin
DISTRICT 4: Hannah McAllistor, Deleware, Ohio
Lamb from MacCauley Suffolks, Atglen, Pennsylvania


DISTRICT 1: Raven Edwards, CA
Ewe Lamb from: Ahart Club Lambs, CA
DISTRICT 2: Kalena Troupe, OK
Ewe Lamb from: Baumann Suffolks, MO
DISTRICT 3: Lilly Ostlie, MN
Ewe Lamb from: Hannah - Henderson Suffolks, IN
DISTRICT 4: Hanna Warnecke, OH
Ewe Lamb from: Hannah - Henderson Suffolks, IN


DISTRICT 1: Danielle Barry, CA
Ewe Lamb from South Beckman Suffolks - Bruce & Arlene Murphy, OR
DISTRICT 2: Taylor Ruckert, KS
Ewe Lamb from VanDyke Suffolks -
Jim Van Dyke, SD
DISTRICT 3: Cody Sievert, MN
Ewe Lamb from JMG Suffolks -
Jeremy & Heidi Geske, MN
DISTRICT 4: Katie Miller, PA
Ewe Lamb from MacCauley Suffolks -
William & Elizabeth MacCauley, PA


District 1: Margarite Humphrey
Donated by Pumphrey Show Lambs, WA
District 21: Cally Faulhaber
Donated by VanDyke Suffolks, SD
District 3: Rylee Schultz
Donated by Skartvedt Suffolks/ Touchdown Acres, IA
District 4: Josiah Antram
Donated by MacCauley Suffolks, PA


Kyle Gross, NE
Donated by MacCauley Suffolks


Alex Boomer, MT
Donated by Big Sky Suffolks, Chris Reno, MT and Alan Batt, ID


Catherine Ruppert, PA
Donated by MacCauley Suffolks
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