Ewe Lamb Giveaway

This year the USSA Ewe Lamb Giveaway will be offering 4 ewe lambs - one ewe lamb per district! In 2016 the program expanded into a contest in each USSA district and recipients will receive:
  1. Free one year UJSSA membership
  2. Free registration(s) for first lamb crop
  3. An adult and junior mentor for each recipient
More details of the program:

***PLEASE email contact info (name, age, address, email) for entries submitted via Dropbox to info@suffolks.org!!

Submit a video that is 2 minutes or less that includes:
  • Who you are
  • Why you want to win a Suffolk ewe lamb
  • Why you should be chosen to receive a Suffolk ewe lamb
  • Your intentions for the ewe lamb
Must be 18 years or younger as of January 1, 2018
Only open to juniors who do not currently own a registered Suffolk
Recipients will be given a list of breeders to choose who their ewe lamb will come from

Deadline is November 1, 2018

Pledged Lambs for Next Spring:
District 1
Ahart Club Lambs, CA
Donna Mays, Lost River Livestock, ID
Ike Maxwell, OR
Bruce & Arlene Murphy, South Beckman Suffolks, OR
Summey Family Farms, CA

District 2
Baumann Farms, MO
Tom Burke Suffolks, MO
Heupel Farms, CO
Little Reed Farm, MO
Wolff Suffolks, ND
Van Dyke Suffolks, SD
Rob & Christy Zelinsky, Bar-Zel Suffolks, SD

District 3
Arnevik Family Suffolks, WI
Dale & Judy Dobberpuhl, Mint Gold Ranch, WI
JMG Suffolks, MN
Rex Quam & Family, Northern Exposure Livestock, MN
Royer Farm, IL

District 4
Henderson Suffolks, IN
MacCauley Suffolks, PA
Josh Miller, Mil-Sid Farm, NY
Mount Salem Farm, NJ
Radell & Sarah Schrock, Season's Bounty Farm, VA
Vorac Suffolks

THANK YOU to JMG Suffolks • MacCauley Suffolks • Alan Batt & Big Sky Suffolks (Chris Reno) • Pumphrey Show Lambs • VanDyke Suffolks • Wayne Skartvedt Family & Touchdown Acres for your support and past ewe lamb donations!
2018 Ewe Lamb Giveaway Winners:

District 1

Raven Edwards, CA
Ewe Lamb from: to be announced in 2019!

District 2

Kalena Troupe, OK
Ewe Lamb from: to be announced in 2019!

District 3

Lilly Ostlie, MN
Ewe Lamb from: to be announced in 2019!

District 4

Hanna Warnecke, OH
Ewe Lamb from: to be announced in 2019!

Past Winners:


DISTRICT 1: Danielle Barry, CA
Ewe Lamb from South Beckman Suffolks - Bruce & Arlene Murphy, OR
DISTRICT 2: Taylor Ruckert, KS
Ewe Lamb from VanDyke Suffolks -
Jim Van Dyke, SD
DISTRICT 3: Cody Sievert, MN
Ewe Lamb from JMG Suffolks -
Jeremy & Heidi Geske, MN
DISTRICT 4: Katie Miller, PA
Ewe Lamb from MacCauley Suffolks -
William & Elizabeth MacCauley, PA


District 1: Margarite Humphrey
Donated by Pumphrey Show Lambs, WA
District 21: Cally Faulhaber
Donated by VanDyke Suffolks, SD
District 3: Rylee Schultz
Donated by Skartvedt Suffolks/ Touchdown Acres, IA
District 4: Josiah Antram
Donated by MacCauley Suffolks, PA


Kyle Gross, NE
Donated by MacCauley Suffolks


Alex Boomer, MT
Donated by Big Sky Suffolks, Chris Reno, MT and Alan Batt, ID


Catherine Ruppert, PA
Donated by MacCauley Suffolks
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