The United Suffolk Sheep Association Foundation has been established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with the mission of raising funds to support the following goals:
  • Provide educational programs and materials for development of the Suffolk breed and United States sheep industry.
  • Provide development of youth through events including (but not limited to), public speaking, knowledge of the Suffolk and sheep breeds, judging, and other activities to develop youth to be better individuals and care takers of Suffolk sheep or other sheep in United States.
  • Support research related to the development of the Suffolk breed and the United States sheep industry.
The USSA Foundation is managed by a board of directors. Board members are elected by the board of directors and will be USSA members. The board may also elect an outside representative to the board who is someone who is knowledgeable of the sheep industry and supports the goals of the foundation.

All contributions to the foundation are tax deductible. Donations may be made in the form of a cash contribution or another type of personal asset such a stocks, bonds, livestock, or real estate. Suffolk supporters may want to consider including the foundation in their estate plan. Click here to fill out your Donation Form online request. Please do not put in any credit card information, as the form is not secure for e-commerce.

Donation Options

Donors have the option to designate whether their contribution is restricted or non-restricted.

A restricted contribution allows the donor to designate how the funds are to be used.

A non-restricted contribution would be managed by the Foundation Board of Directors and utilized in accordance with the by-laws of the organization.


To learn more about potential donation options, please review our Gift Acceptance Policy.
Gift Acceptance Policy

Board of Directors

Potential contributors are encouraged to contact a director with any questions.

Brenda Reau, President
[email protected]

Bill Royer, Vice President
[email protected]

Tom Burke, Director
[email protected]

Ken McMillan, Director
[email protected]

Wayne Skartvedt, Treasurer
[email protected]

Amanda Everts, Secretary
[email protected]

Ron Alves
[email protected]

Bill MacCauley
[email protected]

John Peck
[email protected]

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