NSIP Flock Data Submission/Let's Grow Grant

NSIP Flock Data Submission
The USSA is honored to be chosen as one of the 2016 Let's Grow Grant recipients.

A major focus of our grant proposal is to offer an opportunity for USSA members to enter their NSIP data into LambPlan through the USSA.

The USSA is ready to submit data for members to LambPlan. If you have data you would like to have submitted please contact the USSA Office.

For those who would like to have data submitted and run before the Center of the Nation Sale in July please submit your data before June 7th.

Please note that the USSA is offering a service to enter and submit LambPlan data for paid USSA members, NSIP flock enrollment and database fees still apply.
Let's Grow Grant
The United Suffolk Sheep Association is the recipient of 1 of 15 grants funded through American Sheep Industry Association's Let's Grow Committee.

Grant Summary:
This project will link the association functions of breed promotion, youth development and education with the NSIP functions of creating and meeting commercial demand for documented performance and utilizing the technology of genetic analysis. The USSA will update its registration process to record performance measures and submit that data set (in large batches) directly to NSIP, creating a user-friendly system to fully integrate registration and performance. In the interim, USSA will subsidize the cost of data input for individual breeders, to immediately increase participation in NSIP. This project will dramatically increase the number of Suffolk breeders participating in NSIP and the number of Suffolk sheep in the database, thereby increasing the accuracy and validity of the genetic analysis. With heavy overfinished lambs hindering the efficiency of the U.S. sheep industry, Suffolk terminal sires (with reliable estimates for efficient lean gain) will be a great tool in managing this problem. As the larrgest single contributor of terminal sire genetics to the U.S. sheep industry, the USSA is dedicated to assuming a leadership role, and with a cooperative effort with NSIP, addressing the opportunities presented in the American Sheep Industry's Roadmap, and plans to contribute matching funds to achieve the goals of this project proposal. To learn more about the Let's Grow program and other proposals funded visit: https://www.sheepusa.org/Growourflock_Home
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