Current USSA Registry Programs

The United Suffolk Sheep Association offers several registry programs in addition to it's purebred registry. Some of these programs support or tie into the purebred registry through continual registry. For more details on any of these program, please contact the USSA Office.

Genetic Aquisition Program (GAP):

In 2015 USSA Board developed a Suffolk genetic recovery program under the breed improvement plan as it became apparent that a number of Suffolk breeders had not registered their Suffolks for many years. Usually this was due to generational change and a long lapse in connection to the registry. The Suffolk GAP program provides an avenue to record unregistered Suffolk ewes in the flock book at 75% Suffolk with application acceptance. The percentage program will be used to track generational progress in the GAP program. These ewes, over time and generations, are eligible to become purebred (white paper) when using a registered purebred ram in the subsequent breeding seasons after entry. All animals registered through GAP will have a permanent designation on their registration paper noting their original descent.

Eligibility for Suffolk GAP registrations
  • Must be a member in good standing of the USSA or UJSSA
  • Certify to the best of your knowledge that the sheep being considered for GAP are of Suffolk descent.
  • Offspring of these ewes are only eligible for registration if sired by a registered Suffolk ram.
  • Papers have not been maintained on these ewes for generations
  • Records have been maintained on the ewes and you are confident that they are Suffolk in their genetic makeup

Application Instructions
  • Enrollment and acceptance into the program is limited to one time. Ewes are enrolled, accepted, and recorded as a complete group. There is no additional entry for ewes in subsequent years.
  • Fill out the background questionnaire about these ewes
  • An inspection, either physically or photographically, will validate their phenotype and determine their eligibility for registration
  • Once ewes have been approved for registration an inventory list of initial entry ewes that includes tag number and birth year should be submitted to the association. To register lambs, complete the application for registration, noting GAP on the form.

If you are interested contact the USSA office.

DOWNLOAD PROGRAM APPLICATION HERE: GAP Application (pdf) GAP Application (word)

Why enroll?

“I’ve raised Suffolk sheep since 2004, where I bought my first ewe from my dad, James Olsen. I would show my own sheep in 4-H/FFA stock shows and sell range ram lambs to my uncles Joe and Matt. I grew my herd by buying out my brothers’ ewes and keeping as many replacements as I could. I started selling my own rams to commercial producers and a few ewe lambs here and there but I was limited in regards to selling registered studs. I had always used registered rams but hadn’t kept up on registering my ewes. I learned about the GAP program from Ron Alves while at the California Ram Sale in 2019 and saw this as my opportunity to build up my registered herd. I registered 48 of my own ewes through the percentage program and after a couple generations I now have 6 registered replacements and 9 replacements that are 87.5%. This has allowed me to start selling registered stud rams as well as registered ewe lambs to purebred buyers. I have also had customers show interest in the GAP program and I’ve been able to share with them my story. What has been important to me is that I can keep building my registered herd all while maintaining my original genetics!” AJ Olsen, AO Livestock, UT

AJ Olsen's ewes enrolled in GAP

Amnesty Program:

The Suffolk Amnesty Program was established to provide a means for United Suffolk Sheep Association or United Junior Suffolk Sheep Association members to catchup on registry work.
Eligibility for Suffolk Amnesty Program:

    Details of Suffolk Amnesty Program
    1. With acceptance into the Suffolk Amnesty Program, registrations are $10/head for sheep over the age of 1 year old.
    2. Enrollment in the Suffolk Amnesty program is limited; flocks are eligible to enroll once every 7 years.
    3. The Suffolk Amnesty program is intended to assist breeders that have had a multiple-year lapse in registrations. Yearlings do not qualify for the reduced rate unless they are part of a group of applications including older sheep. Regular fees apply to the current year lambs.
    4. Program open to Purebred, Percentage and GAP Suffolks.
    5. At the time of enrollment, all animals to be registered through the amnesty must be processed as a complete group.

Upon acceptance to the Suffolk Amnesty Program, flocks can apply for registry using a registration application submitted via Jotform (electronic) mail, email or fax. If a GAP flock is enrolling in the Amnesty program, GAP application and acceptance is also required.


Amnesty Application (pdf)

Amnesty Application (word)

Percentage Program:

The United Suffolk Sheep Association offers a Suffolk Percentage Program for members to identify and maintain records on their non-purebred replacement seed stock and their descendent.

Percentage registered Suffolks will receive Percentage Registration Certificates which indicates the animals purity in the bottom-left corner of the certificate. Animals will receive this paper until they have reached 15/16 or 94% pure. At 94% the animal is considered to be a purebred Suffolk and will receive a purebred registration paper.

Rule of Entry: For an animal to enter the Percentage Program, at least one parent must be registered as a Purebred or Percentage Suffolk.

There is no flock program application required for the percentage program, those who are interested can complete the application for registration, noting Percentage at the top of the form to enroll sheep. For any animals being registered who have an unregistered (0%) parent that is not already registered with the USSA, please include Flock name and number leaving the registration number blank.

Contact the USSA Office to learn more about this program and how your flock can be enrolled.

Why enroll?

“Our family has been in the Suffolk business since 1968, raising rams for the commercial range industry that are known for being stout, muscular, and functional. As we continue to develop our program, we’ve found it increasingly important to incorporate different genetics and take advantage of heterosis to continue making our flock better. The percentage program has allowed us to pair extremely high-quality, yet unregistered, females with purebred Suffolk rams and the results have been outstanding. We believe utilizing the percentage program will exponentially progress the development of the Suffolk breed.” -Brett Wilder, Wilder Sheep Co., Idaho

Wilder Sheep Co. 22175, who is a 75% Suffolk

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