Foundation Scholarships

The United Suffolk Sheep Foundation offers several scholarships for Suffolk youth. The application deadline for all scholarships is June 1st. If you would like to contribute to scholarships offered through the foundation, please contact the Suffolk Office.

Suffolk Foundation Scholarship:

The United Suffolk Sheep Foundation is offering one $1,000 Scholarships for graduating high school seniors or students enrolled at a college, university or technical college. Any Suffolk Youth who owns registered Suffolk sheep and whom is either a senior in high school or currently enrolled in a college, university or technical college are eligible. We encourage all eligible young breeders to join the competition. Funds will be paid directly to the winner’s educational institution and only used for academic pursuits.

To qualify an entrant must:
1. Complete an application form, either word processed or typed, but not handwritten, which is available from the USSA Office or USSA website
2. Submit two letters of recommendation from teachers/professors, counselors, or community leaders
3. A current transcript of scholastic credits.

Finalists will be selected from the applications received. Finalists will have a phone interview with the Scholarship Committee the end of June. The scholarship winners will be announced during the National Junior Suffolk Show at the All-American Junior Show. Prior recipients are eligible to apply, but preference will be given to those that have not previously received the scholarship. Applications must be received by the office no later than June 1st. Winners will be selected entirely based on merit.

Current Winner(s):

Wesley Linke of Wessington Springs, South Dakota is currently pursuing an Ag Business degree at Mitchell Technical Institute. Future career plans include becoming an Agricultural Appraiser. Wesley has been raised among Suffolk sheep since he was young and currently owns 15 registered ewes. He has attended numerous National Junior Suffolk Shows and served on the UJSSA board. In addition to FFA and 4-H, Wesley participated in varsity football, student council, youth group, just to name a few activities. Upon completion of college, Wesley plans to continue to stay active with Suffolk Sheep and be an active member of the United Suffolk Sheep Association. Wesley is the son of Amy Linke and Jim VanDyke.

Lily Skartvedt of Radcliffe, Iowa is currently at Iowa State University pursuing a degree in Agriculture Communication and Advertising. Future career plans include working for an agricultural company, in design and promotion to positively promote agriculture. Additionally, she plans to continue to her Grandfather’s and Father’s Suffolk Flock and possibly serving on the United Suffolk Sheep Association board. Lily has attended numerous National Junior Suffolk Shows, served six years on the UJSSA Board of Directors. In addition to showing sheep, Lily is a Bottle-Bucket Animal Leader, a member of the South Hamilton FFA and ISU Block and Bridle. Lily is the daughter of Shannon and Paul Skartvedt.

Past Winners:

2019 - Katherine Parsley, Sheridan, IN
2018 - Lily Skartvedt, Radcliffe, IA
2017 - Andrew Slack, Lake Geneva, WI
2017 - Cody Kinsman, Spring Creek, NV
2016 - Raelynn Thompson, Patoka, IN
2016 - Riggen Zelinsky, Brookings, SD
2015 - Katie Frost, Bloomingbug, OH
2015 - Jaclynn Knutson, Centerville, SD
2014 - Jennifer Frost, Bloomingbug, OH
2014 - Christopher MacCauley, Atglen, PA
2013 - Katelyn Gnegy, Oakland, MD
2013 - Kyle Bubonis, Union, ME

Let's Grow Suffolk Scholarship:

One - $1000 scholarship is offered through the United Suffolk Sheep Foundation to an outstanding individual who is actively involved with Suffolk sheep. The eligible individuals must meet the following requirements:

1. At least freshman in high school
2. Have registered Suffolks
3. Actively involved with Suffolk sheep at the local, state, regional and/or national level
4. Possess a strong work ethic and values
5. Have a minimum 3.0 grade point average
6. Plan to attend a college or university with sheep production or research
7. Must be a member of the United Junior Suffolk Sheep Association

All eligible young breeders are encouraged to join the competition. Funds will be paid directly to the winner’s college or university and may be used for academic pursuits only. If the recipient is younger than 18, funds will be put into a trust fund until the individual turns 18 and at that time, will be paid to the college or university in which they have enrolled in. Prior recipients are eligible to apply, but preference will be given to those that have not previously received the scholarship. More details on application requirements can be found on

The donor of this scholarship (an old brood ewe) would like to remain anonymous.

Current Winner:

Kenzie Kimbrough of Mount Pleasant, Texas is a senior in high school. Upon graduation Kenzie plans to attend Northeast Texas Community College then transfer to Tarleton State University. She plans to study nursing and Ag Business. Kenzie purchased her first Suffolk in 2018 to show at the State Fair of Texas, since then she has expanded her ewe flock and has purchased a ram. Her future goals include continuing to expand her Suffolk flock to 20 head and raise high quality Suffolk sheep to 4-H and FFA students and other Suffolk breeders. In addition to showing Suffolk sheep, Kenzie is involved with FFA, is a class officer, a youth group member and member of IDEA!

Past Winners:

2019 - Andrew Slack, Lake Geneva, WI
2017 - Nicole Dittbrenner, Cumberland, WI
2016 - Alison Knutson, Centerville, SD
2015 - Grant Friesen, Carthage, IN
2014 - Katie Frost, Bloomingbug, OH

Royer Farm Suffolk Scholarship:

Royer Farm Suffolk Scholarship is a $2000 scholarship available through the United Suffolk Sheep Foundation scholarship.

The Foundation Scholarship committee will determine the recipient based on merit of the persons who apply. Payment will be made from the Foundation, in the name of the student, to the college/university.

There are three restrictions for this scholarship. The person receiving the scholarship must:

  1. Plan to enroll in a 2 year or 4 year college/university within one year.
  2. Reside in the state of Indiana, Illinois, or Iowa.
  3. Have shown, exhibited registered Suffolk sheep at least four years, in Indiana, Illinois or Iowa. This requirement does not need to be consecutively or currently.

This scholarship should not be given, if qualified applicants are not available or if the application is not of such quality to warrant such scholarship. Discretion of this is within the powers of the Scholarship Committee.

This scholarship is funded by Royer Farm of Illinois.

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