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2019 Junior Show Photos

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Overall Champion Ewe
Champion Fitted Ewe
Codee McClure, Il
McClure 18-5

Res. Overall Ewe
Champion Slick Ewe
1 Class 2 Slick Shorn Yearling Ewe
Wesley Linke, SD
VanDyke 18-883

Res Sr Champion
Res. Sr. Fitted Champion
2 Class 2 Fitted Yearling Ewe
Codee McClure, Il
McClure 18-6

1 Class 1 Fitted Yearling Ewe
Laura Brinkman, MN
WHS 18-10

1 Fitted Fall Ewe
Laura Brinkman, MN
Riverview Livestock 1822

Jr Champion Fitted Ewe
1 January Fitted Ewe
Andrew Slack, WI
KC Suffolks 1908

1 Fitted Feb Ewe
Jaclynn Knutson, SD
Knutson 19-65

Res. Jr. Champion Fitted Ewe
1 Fitted March Ewe
Brixton Sullivan, IL
Annuschat R816

Res Champion Slick Shorn Ewe
Jr Champion Slick Ewe
Feb, Jordyn Leininger, IN
Slack 9478

Res. Jr Champion Slick Ewe
1 Jan Ewe
Raesa Zelinsky, SD
BarZel 9024

1 Class 1 Slick Shorn Yearling Ewe
Cynthia Connelly, NC
Lazy 5 4200

Res. Sr. Slick Shorn Ewe
1 Slick Shorn Feb Ewe
Mikey Torrone, OK
Swingin T Ranch 116

Res. Jr Champion
1 Jan Slick Shorn Ewe
Raesa Zelinsky, SD
BarZel 9046

1 Production Ewe
Wesley Linke, SD
Van Dyke 19-969


Champion Ram
Champion Fitted Ram
Fitted February Ram
Andrew Slack, WI
K Slack 1932

Res. Overall Ram
Res. Fitted Ram
Jan Fitted Ram
Avery Sullivan, Il
Royer Farm 952

1 Fall Fitted Ram
Scarlet Bergstrom, MN
Riverview Livestock 1817

1 Fitted March Ram
Sam Schluensen, IA
Schluensen 19-0401

Champion Slick Shorn Ram
1 Feb Slick Shorn Ram
Jordyn Leininger, IN
Slack 9329

1 Slick Fall Ram
Raesa Zelinsky, SD
BarZel 9007

1 Jan Slick Ram
Autum Long, IN
ONeill 903

Res. Champion Slick Shorn Ram
1 Production Ram Lamb
Wesley Linke, SD
Van Dyke 19-912

Market Lambs

Champion Market Lamb
Raesa Zelinsky, SD

Res. Champion Market Lamb
Jordyn Leininger, IN

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