Suffolk Flock For Sale

I am selling my entire flock of registered Suffolk sheep.  It consists of the following:  ten brood ewes, twelve yearlings, six ewe lambs, and two ram lambs.  The brood ewes are sired by Big Ben, Skartvedt Touchdown, Quam, Orwick, Fisher, Dombek, River Bend, Knutson, and many other top sires.  This flock started out with ten ewes from Knutson Livestock.  The first ram I used was from Lost River.  Every year I used a new ram to improve my flock.  The yearling ewes are from a Van Dyke ram that was sired by MacCauleley’s “Red” (and we all know what he has done for the breed) with Skartvedt Touchdown on the dam side.  These are the best yearling ewes I have ever raised.  They have excellent breed character with big strong wide tops as well as great bone, feet, and legs.  These ewes are big tall volume ewes because their sire was a forty-inch ram.  The ewe and ram lambs were sired by a Dombek ram.  This ram also sired Dombek’s high selling ewe in this years National Suffolk sale.  Thanks for your support through the years.     
The first three pictures are of yearling ewes.  The fourth picture is a “Big Ben” daughter.  The last picture is a Dombek ewe lamb.  

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