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KC 2002RR “Bully Buck” January Res. Champ Ram Lamb NAILE. AI Archangel son x Carter daughter. Big boned, straight up headed buck, long bodied. Archangel 1737 is a Ruby Mountain buck we purchased @ NAILE. He was a late March buck and was never shown. He has sired a sensational group of lambs here. Bonzi, our champion ewe is also a daughter of Archangel as well as KC 1905 & 1908 was Jr. Champ ewe @ Kansas for Slacks.

“Spencer” KC Suffolks 2015QR Feb buck sired by Samson, A Snazz son x Quam 0495. Big, long bodied, straight topped, super footed Res. Champ ram @ Spencer show, 2nd @ NAILE, hurt a leg jumping off stand before show, so was limping noticeably. We had lambs out of this buck.
By the way: Snazz sired Wonder, National Champion Ram NAILE

“Sterling” KC Suffolks 2016 RR – Feb buck sired by Snazz, Champ Ram @ Iowa, 3rd @ NAILE. Snazz is a 44 x 46 buck. Long, flat hipped, super footed, excellent fronted buck that can walk correctly  sired by Gold Streak. Say no more. “Sterling” is dammed by KC 1702, a Cox 1018 daughter. 1018 was 1 of our best show ewes ever! Sterling is big boned, wide topped, beautiful fronted. Show buck and we should have lambs out of him also.

“Surprize”  KC Suffolks 2017 RR – March triplet bottle lamb sired by Samson, Snazz son and dammed by KC 1617, who is sister to Bonzi’s  mother. The ewe line came from Masser 298, who was 1st or 2nd NAILE as a lamb. Some Cobra II in that blood line. This lamb had a slow start but is making up now. Tail set, feet, straight topped. He’s here at the farm cuz he’s too good to ship

KC Suffolks, Kenny Capron, Parkersburg, Iowa – 319-231-4497

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