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Spring Lambs For Sale

We have an outstanding set of January and February born lambs sired by Ruby Mountain – ‘TOP SHELF the 2017 Iowa State Fair Grand Champion overall ram and Stewart 1702 who is sired by Ruby Mountain Sheep “AMMO” 1607 who was class winner at the National Suffolk show in Louisville, KY as a ram lamb. Lambs are cut out and ready to go to the show ring or take home to go to work on your farm. Beautiful heads with lots of loin thickness and length and structurally sound “up on there tops” legs.

All rams are DNA tested RR.
Stewart Family Suffolk, Newton, IA.
Randy Stewart 641 521-5115
Barb Stewart 641 521-7981

Russell Sheep Co. LLC: Rams and Ewe lambs for sale

We have a good selection of Reg. Suffolk ram lambs ready to go to work for you.  These are January born, RRNN, with EBVs and great pedigrees.  Give us a call to find out more about adding Russell Sheep Co. genetics to your flock.
If you’re looking for a mature, proven ram, we are offering a couple of our favorites for sale this fall:
RSC 14019: ’Roscoe’ has contributed significantly to our flock – but because his pedigree runs so deeply throughout our ewe base, it’s time for him to find a new home. His EBVs top our ram list. 
Slack 4342: ‘Sparky,’ a Slack ram out of Firestone, is a stylish Suffolk ram that passes his correctness right on to his offspring.  It’s hard to sell him, but after using him for four years, it’s time.
Our January ewe lamb pen is too crowded to keep them all, so we are offering these Reg. purebred and % Reg. ewe lambs for sale.  These lambs have bright futures as productive, stylish ewes, and have enough maturity to be bred this fall.  Give us a call for details.
Eaton, Indiana
Call Jeremy 765-749-3100

Ram Lambs & Ewe Lambs For Sale

Registered Suffolk Ram Lambs and ewe lambs for sale. Production oriented with bone, body and muscle! Kimm, Tom Slack, Baglien and Subra genetics.
Subra Suffolks
W15142 County Rd P, Taylor, WI 54659
Facebook: Subra Suffolks
715 662 3003

Subra 18436A RR, a Subra 16447 son.

Subra 16447

Phil Miatke Flock For Sale

The late Phil Miatke’s registered Suffolk Flock is for sale. Flock consists of 15-20 ewes and 3 rams. Genetics include Corson & Ruby Mountain. Phil selected heavily for maternal instincts and characteristics as well as good breed character. Would be a great starter flock for a young breeder.

For questions, contact Don Swanton at 563.249.5645 as he will be handling the sale of these sheep for the Miatke family.

Kimm Bred Ram For Sale

Kimm bred ram for sale. Born 2-18-2016.

contact Don 507-402-4901 at Alden, MN

Suffolk Rams for Sale

3 Quality Suffolk Rams for sale
Sire: Mil-Sid 1406
Dam: MacCauley 3300
Wonderful, tall looking ram!! He’s a keeper but you just can’t keep them all.
Sire: MacCauley 3623
Dam: MacCauley 3362
These two are absolute powerhouses! Be sure to get them today!!
$400 or best offer and he works for you.
Contact: Raca Bend Farm
Caleb: (814)-483-4285
Dave: (814)-279-1799

Knutzen 16-SK-51

Two year old ram for sale – Knutzen 16-SK-51

Ram goes to back Trip-Bute on the sire side and Luxford 1260A on the dam side. Used as a ram lamb and yearling. Best buck I’ve ever raised.

Russ Knutzen, Nebraska
402-284-2328 or  402-469-6836

Rams for Sale

March buck lamb sired by Carter.  Carter was Jr. Champion ram at 2017 National Jr. Suffolk Show and sire of 1st Late Feb. Ewe Lamb at NAILE . Dam is a Cliff Hanger Daughter.


Carter – Son of Spectaular – 2000 Champion Ram at NAILE. He was Jr. Champion ram at the 2017 National Jr. Suffolk Show. We also have 14 daughters for sale out of this ram.

Kenny Capron, KC Suffolks, Parkersburg, IA

NSIP Enrolled Rams for Sale

We are pleased to offer two of our elite scanned rams from this year’s crop.  Mint Gold is known for its breeding program
in large loineyes and these rams are two of this year’s best.
Mint Gold Ranch 8336 was born as a triplet on January 27.  He had a loineye area scan of 3.63 adjusted to 135 lbs and
a depth of 1.52 inches which puts him in the top NSIP PEMD (Predicted Eye Muscle Depth) ranking for this year’s lamb crop with a score of 4.6. His sire is MGR 7309 with a top NSIP PEMD ranking of 5.0 which makes him the top overall proven ram of all time. The dam MGR 4179 had a 3.7 PEMD which is in the top 2% of the 51,000 head evaluated on NSIP.
Mint Gold Ranch 8341 was born as a twin on January 27th.  His loineye area was 3.66 adjusted to 135 lbs and depth of 1.38
giving him a PEMD of 3.9.  His sire MGR 5308 and two paternal brothers will be at the Eastern NSIP sale in Wooster, Ohio on August 11th.
We could make arrangements to deliver either of these rams via the Eastern NSIP sale or the Center of the Nation Sale in Spencer, IA on July 28th.
Reasonably priced.  More data and pricing on these and other rams is available on our website at
Dale & Judy Dobberpuhl
Facebook:  Mint Gold Ranch

Ram Lambs for Sale

Stout made ram lambs for sale that have natural thickness, structural correctness , and stylish. Slack 5203 was the champion whether sire in Sedalia in 2016. Prices start at $350.

DOB 1/28/18
Sire: MacCauley 3482
Dam: BSS 158

BSS 186
DOB 1/14/18
Sire: Slack 5203
Dam: Kimm 13079-16040

BSS 185
DOB 1/14/18
Sire: Slack 5203
Dam: Kimm 13079-16040

BSS 1818
DOB. 1/23/18
Sire: MacCauley 3482
Dam: MaCCauley 3323

BSS 1852
DOB 2/2/18
Sire: Slack 5203
Dam: BSS 1611

BSS 1843
DOB. 1/30/18
Sire: Slack 5203
Dam: MacCauley 3389

Blue Spruce Suffolks, The Bollinger Family – located in PA|
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