Ewe Lamb Giveaway Winners Announced

2019 Suffolk Ewe Lamb Giveaway Winners
District 1 – Kendall Driscoll
District 2 – Beau Newport
District 3 – Nesse Tuttle
District 4 – Hannah McAllistor

Videos will be posted on our website soon!

We had 52 videos submitted! Applicants are encouraged to consider reapplying next year!!!

Hall of Fame Recognition Evening


The USSA Board is excited to announce, the 2019 USSA Hall of Fame inductees!

John Ascuaga

Spelman B. Collins

Rob Frost

Ken McMillan


Hall of Fame inductees will be recognized on Monday, November 18 in Louisville, Kentucky. If your schedule allows, please consider attending this year’s event. Please note that the dinner requires a reservation, reservations are due to the USSA Office by November 1st. The dinner is $25 per person.

Thank you to our event sponsors:
Gene Check, Inc.
Purina Animal Nutrition
The Banner Magazine
Royer Farm
Russell Sheep Co., LLC
Superior Farms

Location: ULA room – on the second floor of Freedom Hall – use escalator/elevator in food court.

Director Election Results

USSA Director Election Results

District 1
Cynthia Huckins, Spring Creek, Nevada (unopposed)

District 2
Jim Van Dyke, Wessington Springs, South Dakota (20 votes)
Bill Gergen, Geneva, Nebraska (10 votes)

District 3
Randy Dombek, Ivanhoe, Minnesota (39 votes)
Gary Hoskins, Jefferson, Iowa (27 votes)
Dennis Sorensen, Chebanse, Illinois (21 votes)
Kenny Capron, Parkersburg, Iowa (16 votes)

District 4

Randy Hodges, Lansing, Michigan (unopposed)

Direct Marketing Webinar

This webinar provides insight to anyone interested in selling lamb, pork or beef direct to the consumer!

Suffolk U Fall Webinar
Direct Marketing: Lamb to the Consumer

Topics Include:
▪️Know your Potential Market
▪️Understanding Regulations
▪️Meeting the Needs of your Customer
▪️Working with a Processor


Direct Marketing Webinar Slides

Webinar Links:
Selling Legally – Summary of Federal Inspection Requirements for Meat Products
Does my state have state inspection? USDA Lookup Link
Labeling Guide
American Lamb Board – Free Materials
American Lamb Board – Shopping & Cooler Bags
Pricing Calculator

NAILE Meeting & Event Schedule


Please visit the USSA Booth at NAILE for meeting locations and/or time changes. Check back for a complete schedule of Suffolk Events! 
Please note that the USSA Annaul Meeting will be held Monday, between the USSA Board of Directors meetings. It will NOT be in conjunction with the Hall of Fame Recognition Evening.

Friday, November 15
Junior Breeding Showmanship – 10am
Premier Bred Ewe Sale—3pm also on wlivestock.com
Market Lamb Showmanship—4pm
Lead Line –5pm
Premier Market Mama Sale—7pm on wlivestock.com

Saturday, November 16
Suffolk Market Lamb Show
UJSSA Root Beer Float Social – 2:30pm, USSA Display EXHIBITOR PHOTO @ 2:45pm
North American International Suffolk Sale – 3:30pm
UJSSA Meeting – 30 minutes following the conclusion of the Suffolk Sale, SWA Boardroom (use elevator next to restrooms outside of sheep penning area)

Sunday, November 17
Junior Suffolk Breeding Sheep Show – following Dorper show, Ring 1

 Monday, November 18
All events on Monday will be held in ULA room (on the second floor of Freedom Hall – use escalator/elevator in food court).
2018/2019 USSA Board of Directors Meeting – 8am
USSA Annual Meeting – 10am
2019/2020 USSA Board of Directors Meeting (following Annual Meeting)
Hall of Fame Recognition Event – 5:30pm Social Hour, 6:30pm Dinner

Tuesday, November 19
Open Suffolk Show – 8am, Ring 1

Thursday, November 21
Supreme Champion – follows completion of all open shows

***Any Changes to meeting times and locations to be posted at the USSA booth***


Hall of Fame Inductees

The USSA Board of Directors announces the 2019 Suffolk Hall of Fame Inductees:

John Ascuaga, Nevada
Spellman Collins, California
Rob Frost, Ohio
Ken McMillan, Illinois


You’re invited to celebrate their contributions to the Suffolk Breed on Monday, November 18th at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. Dinner reservations need to be made for the Hall of Fame recognition evening in advance, those who attended last year reported they had a great time! Hope to see you in attendance this year! Please contact the USSA Office to make your reservation.

2019 Election Information

Election ballots and proposed bylaw changes have been mailed – these items are to be returned to the USSA Office, postmarked on or before October 1st in the provided envelope. There is one director opening in districts 1, 2 and 4. District 3 has 2 director openings; the individual receiving the most votes will fill the 3 year term and the individual with the second most votes will fill the 2 year term.

District 1
Cynthia Huckins, Spring Creek, NV

District 2
W.E. (Bill) Gergen, Geneva, NE
Jim Van Dyke, Wessington Springs, SD

District 3
Kenny Capron, Parkersburg, IA
Randy Dombek, Ivanhoe, MN
Gary Hoskins, Jefferson, IA
Dennis Sorensen, Chebanse, IL

District 4
Randy Hodges, Lansing, MI




2018 Futurity Results

Owned Ewe Lamb Futurity

District Placing

Exhibitor Name


Futurity Ewe Lamb


2018 Payout

District 1







Theodore Jackson

Payette, ID

MacCauley 4202




Danielle Barry

Willits, CA

South Beckman 1815









District 2







Raesa Zelinsky

Brookings, SD

Kimm 18202









District 3







Alexiah Thompson

Pekin, IL

Quam 7-688ET




Madison Binder

Rock City, IL

Arndt Acres 17-052





District 4







Allee Hoover

Washington, PA

MacCauley 4105




Yearling Ewe Futurity

Overall Placing

Exhibitor Name


Futurity Yearling Ewe


2018 Payout


Madison Binder

Rock City, IL

Arndt Acres 16-054




Theodore Jackson

Payette, ID

MacCauley 3831




Danielle Barry

Willits, CA

Ream 7035




Ashley Gouge

Newark, DE

Breezeview 277



2019 Futurity Standings

Final Standings

Owned Ewe Lamb
District 1
46pts – Theodore Jackson, ID – MacCauley 4502
District 2
23pts – Evan Ruzicka, NE – Bar-Zel 9008
15pts – Evan Ruzicka, NE – Bar-Zel 9095
District 3
84pts – Laura Brinkman, MN – KJ Lansing 9003
35pts – Lilly Ostlie, MN – JMG 1935
33pts – Brixton Sullivan, IL – Annuschat 816
13pts – Matt Wiegard, IL – Van Dyke 19-903
  7pts – Joey Slack, WI – Dombek 3392
District 4
46pts – Hanna Warnecke, OH –  D Henderson 19-2
42pts – Allee Hoover, PA – MacCauley 4416
25pts – Rylee Shiflett, VA – MacCauley 4666
23pts – Rylee Shiflett, VA – MacCauley 4627
19pts – Emily Stevens, OH – MacCauley 4431
16pts – Rylee Shiflett, VA – MacCauley 4491

Bred & Owned Ewe Lamb
District 1
48pts – Theodore Jackson, ID – Payette River 9106
43pts – Theodore Jackson, ID – Payette River 9101
12pts – Danielle Barry, CA – Barry 9BE1A
District 2
34pts – Raesa Zelinsky, SD – Bar-Zel 9046
16pts – Riggen Zelinsky, SD – Harder Suffolks 9057
15pts – Raesa Zelinsky, SD – Bar-Zel 9064
12pts – Raesa Zelinsky, SD – Bar-Zel 9042
8pts   – Riggen Zelinsky, SD – Harder Suffolks 9000
District 3
29pts – Creed Harker, IA – Rek-Rah Suffolks 24
23pts – Kameron Hastings, IL – Hastings 19-2
District 4
no points submitted at this time

Yearling Ewe
48pts – Madison Binder, IL  – Arndt Acres 17-052
45pts – Madison Binder, IL – AT 18-3
44pts – Theodore Jackson, ID – MacCauley 4202
37pts – Kameron Hastings, IL – Annuschat R742
30pts – Danielle Barry, CA – South Beckman 1815
24pts – Savannah Bailey, WI – K Slack 1846





Director Election Info

USSA Director Elections

There will be a director opening in all four USSA districts. District 3 will have two openings. If you or a USSA member you know would like to be a candidate for the upcoming USSA Directors elections, here’s a brief overview of your next steps:

  1. Submit a letter of intent declaring that you are willing to be a candidate for the 2019 USSA Board of Directors Election. Letters of intent are due in the USSA Office by August 1, 2019. The letter must be faxed, emailed or mailed to the USSA Office, PO Box 121, Holland, IA 50642. Letters of intent submitted through mail must be postmarked by the deadline date. Phone calls are not acceptable.
  2. Within one week of the deadline, candidates must submit a brief personal bio as well as a photo to the USSA Office. The personal bio should be approximately one-half of an 8 ½ x 11 page. The content of candidate bios should discuss the candidate’s qualifications, reasons they feel they are a good director candidate and any thoughts/ideas they may have on improving the association and Suffolk breed. Candidates who do not submit a personal bio and photo will only have their name listed on the election ballot.
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