The United Suffolk Sheep Foundation’s education, youth and research initiatives are only possible because of support of our donors. The United Suffolk Sheep Foundation accepts cash and in-kind gifts. To learn more about donating click here. We thank you.


Suffolk Champion ($100,000 – Above)

Suffolk Leader ($25,000 – $99,000)

Diamond ($10,000 – $24,999)
William & Elizabeth MacCauley

Platinum ($5000 -$9999)
Royer Farm

Gold ($2500 -5000)
Caterpillar Foundation
Miles Gibbs
Lloyd McCabe

Silver ($1000 – $2499)
Marion Eller Estate (proceeds of flock dispersal)
John & Lisa Peck
Mark & Brenda Reau

Bronze ($500 – $999)
Nicole Dittbrenner
Robert Hall
John Hawkins
Jarvis Sheep Company
Jim Millett

Partner ($250 -$499)
5 Star ‘J’ Farms
Baglien Suffolks
Bret Henderson
Dwight & Gwen Kitzan
Cassidy Lobdell

Friend ($100 -$249)
Lloyd Arthur
Jack & Lori Blattner
Fannie Brill (in memory of Robert Brill and Grace Standish)
Tom Burke
Jeff Cloose
John Corson
Alan Culham
Jeremy Geske
Carrie Hill
Robert Kimm
Dave Mallett
Ken McMillan
Larry Mead
Josh Miller
Richard Piechowski (in honor of wife Grace)
Plank Farm
Brian Rotella
Ruby Mountain Sheep Co./Cynthia Huckins – (In memory of John Sponaugle and Nick & Ron Annuschat)
Wayne & Mary Skartvedt (In memory of Wayne Ubben)
Dennis Sorensen
Suburban Showplace
Marlin Subra

Contributor ($5 – $99)
Tom Begg
Ben & Mary Bow
Wendy Correll
Randy Dombek
Joe Emenheiser
Dave Fuller
Jayson Harpster
Hurst Legacy Farm, Carolyn Newton
Amy Louise Johnson
Dave Juntunen
Brett Kessler
Elsie Kovacs
David Luckhardt
Sandra Mazuek
Merchant Family
Millie & Bert Moore (In memory of Nick & Ron Annuschat)
Dave Pearson
Allen & Florine Rentschler
Paul & Diane Russell
Dwight & Gladys Shaffer
WIlliam & Susan Shultz
Ivan Sterling
Lisa Straatmann
John & Heather Studer
Daryl Thomas Family (In Memory of Teri Thomas)
Matt Wolf
Tayler Wolff


Ewe Lamb Giveaway
Ahart Club Lambs
Alves Livestock
Bar-Zel Suffolks/Rob & Christy Zelinsky
Baumann Suffolks
Cousins Suffolks/Doug & Lindi Peterson
JMG Suffolks/Jeremy Geske
MacCauley Suffolks
Mil-Sid Farm/Josh Miller
Mint Gold Ranch/Dale & Judy Dobberpuhl
Prairie Rose Suffolks/Gayle Lucas
Van Dyke Suffolks

Foundation Semen Donations
Alves Livestock
Alan C. Batt
Cloose Family Suffolks
Dittbrenner Farms
Dombek Family Suffolks
Dry Sandy Sheep Co./Matt & Amy Beals
JMG Suffolks/Jeremy Geske
John & Christy Scott
MacCauley Suffolks
Mil-Sid Farm/Josh Miller
Rek-Rah Ranch/Harker Family

Other In-kind Gifts
Tom Burke
Amanda & Andrew Everts
Heupel Farms
Donna Mays
John & Lisa Peck
Mark & Brenda Reau
Royer Farm

A note to our supporters: We appreciate your generous support of the United Suffolk Sheep Foundation. We intend to recognize everyone accurately. If we have inadvertently made an error, please contact the United Suffolk Sheep Foundation with concerns or corrections.



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