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2022 Suffolk Breeders Directory


2022 Suffolk Directory Dates:Dec. 31 – 10% prepay offer endsFeb. 15 – Ad Commitment DeadlineMarch 1 – Ad info & payment due

*We’d like to get started on the Suffolk Directory ads early this year! Consider finalizing your ad BEFORE lambing!!

Ad Form Link: https://form.jotform.com/213464794459166


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UJSSA Promotional Video Contest

Promotional Video Contest

November 1, 2021 – January 15, 2022

Rules:1) Must be a UJSSA member2) Contest will offer 3 age divisions:    Ages 8-12    Ages 13-16    Ages 17-213) The subject matter of the promotional video is “The Suffolk Breed”.4) The video should be 30 seconds and 2 minutes long.5) Each Jr. Director will create their own promotional video as an example. Examples will be posted by Oct. 1 on the UJSSA Facebook page and the Junior page on the USSA website under “Youth”.6) Videos should be attached to an email with your name, state, and age as of January 1, 2022. Submit videos to juniors@suffolks.org. Contact the USSA Office with any video submission issues.7) Submission deadline: January 15, 2022.8) Prizes awarded to the top two in each age division. Winning videos will be posted on the UJSSA Facebook and Instagram pages.

SUBMISSION LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/request/irgqJWbuam8X47HBZTC2

Example 1

Example 2

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Virtual Annual Meeting


 Watch the Annual Meeting
2021 Annual Meeting Slides
Registrations by State
Top Registering Flocks
20-21 FY Financial Summary

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Election Results

2021 Director Election Results
District 1
Greg Ahart, CA – unopposed, fills vacancy
View District 1 Bio

District 2
Jeff Baumann, MO – 10 votes
Tom Burke, MO -11 votes
View District 2 Bios

District 3
Andrew Slack, WI – 17 votes
Dennis Sorensen, IL – 21 votes
View District 3 Bios

District 4
Brenda Reau, MI – 34 votes (fills 3 year term)
Mac Swortzel, VA – 9 votes
Bill Zwyers, IN – 23 votes (fills 2 year term)
View District 4 Bios

Bylaw Changes:
Article V Section 3
Approve 63
Disapprove 10

Article V Section 4
Approve 57
Disapprove 11

USSA Bylaws – proposed changes 2021 updated 8.27.21

 The 2021 United Suffolk Sheep Association Annual Meeting will be virtual via Zoom. The board decided to move forward with a virtual annual meeting again this year as they received positive feedback from the membership after last year’s meeting, support through the Needs Assessment and feels it’s the best way to allow all members of the association to participate.
We encourage all [ ]

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UJSSA Virtual Skill-A-Thon

UJSSA Virtual Skill-A-Thon

UJSSA Members: Submit your answers by November 1st!

UJSSA Virtual Skill-A-Thon

Skill-A-Thon Answer Sheet


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2021 Futurity Standings

Updated 12.10.21

Owned Ewe Lamb
District 1
No points submitted at this time.

District 2
52pts – VanDyke 21-3, Raesa Zelinsky, SD
23pts – Slack 1434, Molly McGowan, TX
19pts – Slack 1418, Aubrey McGowan, TX

District 3
42pts – PHFT 2123, Luke Lutman, IL
30pts – JMG 2124, Maddie Anderson, MN
18pts – Bar-Zel 2110, Elijah Ruddat, WI
10pts – Bar-Zel 2157, Elijah Ruddat, WI
7pts – Bar-Zel 2109, Noah Dobberpuhl, MN

District 4
45pts – Slack 1363, Emily Stevens, OH
42pts – MacCauley 5416, Allee Hoover, PA
37pts – Arnevik 2099, George Cash, PA

Bred & Owned Ewe Lamb
56pts – Thoeny MN503307-0002, Nicole Thoeny, MN
50pts – Bar-Zel 2114, Raesa Zelinsky, SD
42pts – So-N-So Acres 03106, Brittany Smith, NJ
38pts – So-N-So Acres 03095, Brittany Smith, NJ
31pts – Royer Farm 112, Avery Sullivan, IL
18pts – Everts 2112, Greeley Everts, IA
4pts – Hastings Farm 21-7, Kameron Hastings, IL

Owned Yearling Ewe
64pts – Dombek Family 3463, Briana Thoeny, MN
36pts – Slack 0192, Emily Stevens, OH

Bred & Owned Yearling Ewe
49pts – Binder/Albright [ ]

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Director Election -Intent to Run Aug. 1

Intent to run submission deadline is August 1!

Director Openings:
District 1 – one 3-year term
District 2 – one 3-year term
District 3 – one 3-year term
District 4 – one 3-year term and one 2-year term

To view the USSA District map click here (scroll down the page, below the director listing).

For eligibility requirements, review the USSA Bylaws here.

If you or a USSA member you know would like to be a candidate for the upcoming USSA Directors elections, here’s a brief overview of your next steps:Submit a letter of intent declaring that you are willing to be a candidate for the USSA Board of Directors Election. Letters of intent are due in the USSA Office by August 1, 2021. The letter must be faxed, emailed or mailed to the USSA Office, PO Box 121, Holland, IA 50642. Letters of intent submitted through mail must be postmarked by the deadline date. Phone calls [ ]

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Suffolk Registry Programs

Click Here to learn about Suffolk registry programs.

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2021 Midwest Stud Ram Sale

Sale Results


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Suffolk Association Needs Assessment

The link below provides results from the Suffolk Needs Assessment, conducted Fall of 2020.

Click Here to View Suffolk Needs Assessment

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