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Election /Annual Meeting/Hall of Fame

2021 Director Election Information
Election Ballots and proposed bylaw changes are mailed by September 1. Ballots must be returned to the USSA, postmarked on or before October 1. Check back for candidate bios.

Please note that candidates were to submit an intent to run by August 1st (postmarked). Candidates who mailed an intent to run may not yet be listed.
District 1
Greg Ahart, CA
View District 1 Bio

District 2
Jeff Baumann, MO
Tom Burke, MO
View District 2 Bios

District 3
Andrew Slack, WI
Dennis Sorensen, IL
View District 3 Bios

District 4
Brenda Reau, MI
Mac Swortzel, VA
Bill Zwyers, IN
View District 4 Bios

Bylaw Changes: USSA Bylaws – proposed changes 2021 updated 8.27.21

 The 2021 United Suffolk Sheep Association Annual Meeting will be virtual via Zoom. The board decided to move forward with a virtual annual meeting again this year as they received positive feedback from the membership after last year’s meeting, support through the Needs Assessment and feels it’s the [ ]

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UJSSA Virtual Skill-A-Thon

UJSSA Virtual Skill-A-Thon

UJSSA Members: Submit your answers by November 1st!

UJSSA Virtual Skill-A-Thon

Skill-A-Thon Answer Sheet


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Suffolk U Webinar: Flock Forward

Free Webinar! Join Us!

Learn More About:
Validating Sire Performance
Understanding Yield and OCC
Flock54 Flock Certification

Thank you to Superior Farms / Flock54 for speaking on this webinar!

Zoom Registration Link:

OR Join Us LIVE on the United Suffolk Sheep Association Facebook page!

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2021 Futurity Standings

Updated 10.15.21

Owned Ewe Lamb
District 1
No points submitted at this time.

District 2
52pts – VanDyke 21-3, Raesa Zelinsky, SD
23pts – Slack 1434, Molly McGowan, TX
19pts – Slack 1418, Aubrey McGowan, TX

District 3
30pts – JMG 2124, Maddie Anderson, MN
18pts – Bar-Zel 2110, Elijah Ruddat, WI
10pts – Bar-Zel 2157, Elijah Ruddat, WI
7pts – Bar-Zel 2109, Noah Dobberpuhl, MN

District 4
45pts – Slack 1363, Emily Stevens, OH
42pts – MacCauley 5416, Allee Hoover, PA
37pts – Arnevik 2099, George Cash, PA

Bred & Owned Ewe Lamb
50pts – Bar-Zel 2114, Raesa Zelinsky, SD
41pts – So-N-So Acres 03106, Brittany Smith, NJ
38pts – So-N-So Acres 03095, Brittany Smith, NJ
31pts – Royer Farm 112, Avery Sullivan, IL
28pts – Thoeny MN503307-0002, Nicole Thoeny, MN
18pts – Everts 2112, Greeley Everts, IA
4pts – Hastings Farm 21-7, Kameron Hastings, IL

Owned Yearling Ewe
38pts – Dombek Family 3463, Briana Thoeny, MN
36pts – Slack 0192, Emily Stevens, OH

Bred & Owned Yearling Ewe
49pts – Binder/Albright 1964, Madison Binder, IL
47pts – Binder/Albright [ ]

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Director Election -Intent to Run Aug. 1

Intent to run submission deadline is August 1!

Director Openings:
District 1 – one 3-year term
District 2 – one 3-year term
District 3 – one 3-year term
District 4 – one 3-year term and one 2-year term

To view the USSA District map click here (scroll down the page, below the director listing).

For eligibility requirements, review the USSA Bylaws here.

If you or a USSA member you know would like to be a candidate for the upcoming USSA Directors elections, here’s a brief overview of your next steps:Submit a letter of intent declaring that you are willing to be a candidate for the USSA Board of Directors Election. Letters of intent are due in the USSA Office by August 1, 2021. The letter must be faxed, emailed or mailed to the USSA Office, PO Box 121, Holland, IA 50642. Letters of intent submitted through mail must be postmarked by the deadline date. Phone calls [ ]

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Suffolk Registry Programs

Click Here to learn about Suffolk registry programs.

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2021 Midwest Stud Ram Sale

Sale Results


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Suffolk Association Needs Assessment

The link below provides results from the Suffolk Needs Assessment, conducted Fall of 2020.

Click Here to View Suffolk Needs Assessment

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Suffolk Genetic Recovery Program

U.S.S.A Board Adopts Suffolk Genetic Recovery Program

The United Suffolk Board in its retreat during the spring of 2015 proposed a goal of establishing a Suffolk genetic recovery program under the breed improvement plan.  It became apparent to the Board that a number of Suffolk breeders had not registered their Suffolks for many years.  These sheep were not eligible for the percentage registration program even though they were of Suffolk origins.  The Board decided to explore the ramifications of allowing these breeders to register their sheep by appointing a committee to further investigate the issue.  The Board adopted a Suffolk genetic recovery proposal after much research and numerous meetings.  The parameters of the program are as follows.

Eligibility for Suffolk GAP registrations

Must be a member in good standing of the U.S.S.A. or U.J.S.S.A
Certify to the best of your knowledge that the sheep being considered for GAP are of Suffolk descent by signing [ ]

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Webinar: Understanding Parasite Susceptibility & Resistance

Click Here to View Archived Webinar!

Click Here to View Presentation Slides!

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